Continuity and Liquidity

Seeking to buy one great business in South Florida and build on the owner's legacy

Grove Key Capital


Grove Key Capital was established with the purpose of buying one great business and personally managing the business for the long-term. We aim to be the solution to your business succession challenges. If you are seeking liquidity, a transition, and care deeply about the long-term stewardship of your business and the future of your employees, it may be time to make a call to Grove Key.

Not your Typical Buyer

Unlike Private Equity or other Corporate Buyers, I am committed to devoting 100% of my time, effort, and career to managing and growing one business. I am committed to achieving fair acquisition terms and offering the flexibility for owners to transition in whatever way makes the most sense.

Your Succession Partner

I don't want to just be the buyer of your business. I want to be your succession partner. My goal is to earn your trust and convince you that I will be a good steward of your business and leader to your employees.

An Alternative to Private Equity

Grove Key Capital is not a private equity company. We are not seeking short-term returns through financial engineering, cost-cutting, and "flipping" the business.

Grove Key Capital is also not a strategic corporate buyer, seeking to absorb your business into a larger corporation, keeping parts and discarding others.

Grove Key Capital cares about your business and cares about your employees. We want to provide business owners flexibility in transitioning out of their business and peace of mind in knowing that their legacy is left in good hands.

Business Criteria

  • Profitable South Florida business with $500,000 to $2 million in EBITDA

  • Predictable, growing, and recurring demand

  • Multiple avenues for growth

  • Low to moderate capital requirement for growth

  • Located in Southern Florida

Industry Criteria

  • Strong industry tailwinds

  • Fragmented

  • Low risk of disruption by public policy or emerging technologies

  • High barriers to entry

Management Criteria

  • Strong and established management team

  • Ownership that desires continuation of their legacy

  • Low dependence on exiting owner

  • Powerful and well-aligned employee culture

Investment Process

1. Understand

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): Explore ownership, vision, goals, and opportunities. Discuss preliminary terms.

2. Analyze

Indication of Interest (IOI): Discuss customers, products, finances, sales and marketing, and growth.

3. Diligence

Letter of Intent (LOI): Review finance, legal, information technology. Finalize terms and begin discussing transition.

4. Close

Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA): Flexible ownership transition, based on seller's needs.

Core Competencies

People Leadership & Growth

P&L Management

Digital Advertising

Sales Strategy

I want to hear from you

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